French Drain Installation Services

All the effort and money put into installing a beautiful landscape can go to waste unless suitable drainage systems are also simultaneously installed in the yard. Yard drainage is a constant issue, but NW Landscape Management offers several drainage solutions for mitigating it. One of the most effective and frequently used of these is the installation of a French drain.

A French drain refers to a gravel-filled trench, within which is a perforated pipe that is connected to a street drain, dry well or another outlet. Typically, the pipe is covered with landscape fabric to prevent debris and silt from entering it. The purpose of a French drain is to catch excess surface level water and then, direct it away from the yard with the help of gravity.

Our landscaping company can install a French drain to help home and business owners deal with their yard drainage challenges. We offer complete drain solutions including:

  • Picking the right site for drain installation
  • Determining appropriate depth, length and path of the drain
  • Installing a French drain

Drainage Solutions That are Practical and Attractive

With our vast experience in the landscaping industry, we understand that every property has unique drainage issues. Therefore, we offer customized yard drainage solutions for all the property owners who hire our services to take care of their landscape drainage needs.

We strive to provide drainage solutions that are practical and functional. However, at the same time, we take care to install attractive and neat drainage systems that do not mar the beauty of the property in the slightest. We work with highly trained and experienced technicians who:

  • Recommend drainage solutions after thorough assessment of the property
  • Use quality materials to ensure installation of durable drainage systems
  • Make sure that the drainage systems are not conspicuous or unsightly

Call NW Landscape Management at 253-336-8686 for French drain installation and other yard drainage solutions.