LED Landscape Lighting Installation and Repair


Landscape lighting will transform your landscape into a work of art, as your property will come alive at night with the soft glow of a low voltage landscape lighting system.

  The time your landscape is usable will be extended--outdoor kitchens, hot tubs, children's play areas, and ponds all become more functional.

  Pathways, staircases, grade changes, low hanging vegetation and dark areas can be lit up to make your landscape more safe to navigate at night.

  Also, having your landscape illuminated at night can add a level of security to your property.

Landscape Lighting Can Extend Your Outdoor Time


Today's LED fixtures offer numerous benefits over conventional incandescent lighting systems.

Many bulbs are rated for 10,000 plus hours.   LED bulbs also burn cold, and use such little energy that it will reduce your lighting bills too. 

Landscape Lights Offer Many Benefits to the Property Owner

In addition to installing outdoor lighting systems we also offer repair services to existing lighting systems.

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