LED Landscape Lighting West Seattle


The lighting design in your landscape plays a major role in how your yard looks at night. It is one of the few investments that will increase your property value and add to the enjoyment of a delightful, softly lit outdoor space.

A professionally designed LED landscape lighting in your West Seattle, WA area home by NW Landscape Management, Inc. can enhance the beauty of your home at night.Every homeowner’s lighting requirements and preferences are different.

Each house design is unique and thus having custom LED landscape lights is a must for beautifying each space to its best. When you choose to LED landscape lighting in your property, your decision comes with many benefits.

  • Extended outdoor time
  • Safer navigation at night
  • Wonderful illumination for everyone to enjoy

Landscape Lighting West Seattle


We can offer you plenty of choices for landscape lighting for your West Seattle property. Let us beautify your home or any other space with low voltage outdoor lighting fixtures in your lawn, trees, water features, and flower beds.

The advantages of illuminating your outdoor space with LED landscape lighting are:

  • Longer life span
  • LED bulbs use less energy
  • Saves money on electricity bill

If you want your walkways and driveways to be illuminated with landscape lights or you need repair services for your existing lighting system, do not hesitate to call us. Most LED bulbs are rated for 10,000 plus hours of burning time which makes them extremely long lasting and efficient to choose as the lighting option for your landscape.

West Seattle Landscape Lights


Homeowners install landscape lights for various purposes. The most common reasons for installing lighting kits in the landscape design are for illumination, enhanced beauty, and safety. Allowing us to install landscape lights in your West Seattle property, you receive a wide range of options to create customized lighting zones or customized scenes.

If you have never tried LED landscape lighting in your backyard, we can help you turn it into a usable space even at night. With suitable landscape lights, you can utilize the yard for entertaining guests, barbeque or any other activity you wish.

We offer services such as:

  • Installation of outdoor lighting systems
  • Repair services for lighting systems
  • Installation of lights on trees
  • Installation of landscape solar lights

For installation of LED landscape lighting in your West Seattle commercial and residential property, call NW Landscape Management, Inc. at 253-336-8686. Receive a free estimate along with a free consultation for outdoor landscape lights.