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Bonney Lake Patios

Bonney Lake Patios

Patios Bonney Lake 

All those who have enjoyed leisurely weekends barbequing on their patios will agree that an investment in professional patio design and installation pays dividends.

Well-designed patios contribute not just to boosting the aesthetics and value of properties, but also to improving the quality of life of the property owners.

NW Landscape Management, Inc. is proud to design and install patios in area Bonney Lake, WA properties. Our landscaping company specializes in hardscape installation and has vast experience in building patios.

We are equipped to handle any sized patio installation. Our technicians are specifically trained to install stone patios, large concrete paver or cobblestone paver patios. We offer highly customized services for installation of patios for Bonney Lake area properties.

Working closely with the customer and with meticulous attention to detail, we create patios that:

  • Are visually striking and highly functional and durable
  • Look great and stay useful for decades to come
  • Meet all specifications and exceed customer expectations

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Pavers Bonney Lake WA

Pavers Bonney Lake WA

Pavers are among the most popular material for building hardscape features. The preference for pavers is because of the many benefits that they offer, compared to some other hardscape materials.

Use of pavers results in a surface that is attractive, sturdy and hard-wearing. Creating a patio or walkway with pavers is done quickly. Moreover, paver surfaces are easy and economical to repair if they ever become damaged.

We work with pavers for a variety of applications, including the installation of:

  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Small retaining walls

We offer wide-ranging options in shape, size, and color of pavers to give our Bonney Lake area customers a surface that complements their property beautifully.

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Bonney Lake Patio Design

We Keep Bonney Lake Property Looking Great!

Installation of patios is an important investment in homes or commercial properties. How well this investment turns out depends a great deal on the patio design.

Knowing this, we give specific attention to patio design on every patio installation job that comes our way. Our focus is on constructing patios that make optimal use of the available yard space.

Whether we have to come up with a small patio design for your Bonney Lake area home or business or design a sprawling patio, our technicians:

  • Are imaginative and resourceful
  • Love creating unique, distinctive patios
  • Give priority to customer’s needs

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Bonney Lake Patio Design