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Sod Federal Way WA

Sod Federal Way WA

Complete Landscape And Lawn Care For Federal Way Property Owners

Lawn installation is a lifetime investment that enhances the quality of your daily life, even as it boosts the exterior appeal and value of your property. Sodding is the fastest way of creating an attractive lawn and getting started on enjoying its benefits.

Sod or turf is a roll of real grass with roots embedded in some soil and humus. Unlike grass seed installation, sod installation results immediately in a lawn. This lawn usually becomes ready for regular use within a month of sodding.

Hire the experts at NW Landscape Management, Inc. for grass sod installation in your Federal Way, WA area property if you do not want a long wait before a beautiful, healthy lawn adorns your yard. We can carry out sodding for a variety of projects. You can call us to install sod grass:

  • If your lawn needs patching
  • For creating lawn in a new construction
  • To change the grass type of your existing lawn

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Sodding Federal Way

Sodding Federal Way WA

Our services are available for sod installation in Federal Way area homes and commercial properties. We can perform sodding to cover a designated turf area of any size. Our company has the experience, skills, and resources to carry out sod lawn installation with the highest possible success rate.

Regardless of the client profile and scope of the job, we work along a transparent, proven sodding process. The technicians sent out for sodding in your Federal Way area property are highly knowledgeable, diligent professionals.

The procedure followed by them for sod installation is:

  • Removal of existing grass and weeds
  • Grading and leveling the ground
  • Soil conditioning, fertilizing, and lawn rolling
  • Laying down the sod pieces in a precise fit

Sod Installation Federal Way

An essential aspect of our sodding services is choosing the right grass type. For the long-term survival of a sodded lawn, it is imperative to use grass that thrives in the local climate and sun/shade conditions.

Our sod installation experts are sure to recommend the most suitable product for your sod installation project around Federal Way. You can also trust them to use quality sod that is free from weeds and pests. To further ensure successful sodding, they give you detailed instructions for:

  • Watering
  • Preventing fungus growth
  • Promoting grass rooting and new growth

The debris on the job site is cleaned up after sodding to leave your yard as tidy as before.

Call NW Landscape Management, Inc. at (253) 336-8686 to discuss its sodding services for Federal Way area properties.


Sod Installation Federal Way